About Us

Welcome weary travelers, wayward souls, and adventurers to the home of Captain Archer Dantès, captain of the independent airship, the H.M.S Endeavor. How can an airship labeled H.M.S be independent you ask? Well I took it from His Majesty's service, the old girl was being stifled there.

As I was saying, I am Captain Archer Dantès, humble airship captain, vagabond, steampunk builder, and all around rapscallion. Over the years I have built a few wondrous and unique items so I found it time I gave them a home, a Gallery. There you can peruse the items I have created, and if you so fancy, read my Captain's Blog which is typically all things Steampunk (I may digress at times on some personal things, but we are all human are we not?)

Although I am not a vendor, I have been known to take on projects on a commission basis. Visit the Services section if you would like more information.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and remember, when strolling through the Gallery, do not touch. Many an item can be quite dangerous, and also, if you break it, you buy it.